Industrial Design: Scale Model of Low-Speed Water Aerator

This is a scale model of low-speed water aerator used to prevent fresh water bodies from turning stagnant. The project's files are available on our Thingiverse account here. The rest of the story can be found here.  The model features a working stepper motor and can be solar powered as well.

Industrial Design: USB Volume Knob

This USB volume knob is also available on our Thingiverse account here. A concrete infill gives it significant weight and stability. It has worked faithfully since it was built.

It was built to give easy, obvious control over computer volume levels, since speakers are placed behind monitors and keyboard shortcuts can be cumbersome.  Concept renders are done with SketchUp and Vray.

DIYbio Projects: Lab Tube Blocks

These were laboratory tube blocks we custom designed and 3D printed for a local university as a gift for inviting us into their biotech lab and allowing us to take a look at their work. The 2nd image is a Vray render. The final image is the actual blocks printed out on a Ultimaker clone.

DIYbio Projects: Orbital Shaker

Check out this 3D printed orbital lab shaker, available on our Thingiverse account here along with other lab equipment we've designed & developed. 

DIYBio Projects: Centrifuges

3D images, wiring diagram, and side-by-side comparison of the 3D printed DIYbio centrifuge we've developed. We build all 3 versions. The latest version appears at the bottom. They're all featured on our Thingiverse account here

Arduino-Driven 3D Printed Aquarium Automation


For more information about our prototype, follow the aquaponics build log at The model was made in SketchUp, converted into .STL format and imported into MakerBot's MakerWare software for 3D printing.