Arduino-Driven 3D Printed Aquarium Automation


For more information about our prototype, follow the aquaponics build log at The model was made in SketchUp, converted into .STL format and imported into MakerBot's MakerWare software for 3D printing.

Farm of Tomorrow :: Rai 5

What might the farm of tomorrow look like? Here's two quick sketches done with SketchUp, Vray, and GIMP of an automated rice farm, monitored with a DIYdrone, watered with solar powered atmospheric water generators, and tended to by a gantry-style harvesters/planter/irrigation system. 



Rooftop + Interior Aquaponics

Check out our blog post on this project.


Desktop Genetics Graphics


Graphics featured on Desktop Genetics new website were created in SketchUp and processed in GIMP. These graphics have also made their way onto brochures and on large format banners. To put them on banners, they were first sent to InkScape and converted into vector art through tracing, then enlarged to the required size.

SynBio Simulations Incorporated



This is a sci-fi concept for Synthetic Biology Simulations Incorporated, a fictional institute that safely and efficiency takes your synthetic biology projects and turns them into a reality. More on this concept can be found at Helios Labs here.

Lab-in-a-Box Concept

Visualizations for a "lab-in-a-box" concept. This project would later end up being further developed by another team, and is now called the "Darwin Toolbox."