Digital Media Asia Festival 2010, Bangkok

The 2010 DMA Festival is underway this weekend, with vendors, speakers, universities all coming out to share their work, services and products. Competitions are also being held throughout the weekend.

Various Universities and private schools showcasing their student's work.

Silpakorn University's booth.

There were several fairly well-established Thai art schools represented at the DMA Festival including Silpakorn University and Rangsit University as well as smaller private schools.

The Phantom Omni haptic device for 3D modeling.

The 3D model above, printed out using a Vflash 3D printer.

The Vflash 3D printer.

Vendors included gaming software companies, virtual studio broadcasting companies, like ISLT of Thailand, as well as companies specializing in selling the tools of the graphic and 3D design trade.

Pictured above are shots from the Comgraph booth featuring the Phantom Omni haptic device which gives you the sensation of really feeling the surface of your model, front and back. They also had Vflash 3d printers to convert your computer design into a real-world plastic model.