Testing the "Instant Roof" Plug-in

Using the "Instant Roof" plug-in for SketchUp, you can create
roof configurations with just a few clicks, and then
add in details like these
tiles in less than a few minutes.

Materials are added in, to test the plug-in's
ability to produce geometry that renders well.

The final rendering in Vray. For a first try, "Instant Roof"
worked very well. It cuts down significantly the amount of time
spent on a complex roof, which could have easily taken hours.

Another view, featuring bolts on the lower over-hang, a set
of chairs barely visible inside the 2nd floor, and a better look
at the roof on the single-floor shophouse to the right.

The "Instant Roof" plug-in allows modelers to quickly tailor a roof to any basic geometric face. In just minutes you can have one of any variety of architecturally common roofs, with multiple parameters that can be adjusted, along with a wide array of "details" that can be added in, such as Dutch gables, roof tiles, and shingles. The results are impressive and allows scenes like the one above to be done very quickly, within a day - most of which is spent rendering.

More details can be found here on the SketchUp blog. The above model was only using the free "trial-version." For the casual user this may be adequate, but if you are into serious architecture, the full version would be indispensable. The plug-in's creators at Vali Architects, have a good website for the plug-in as well, with many examples of what it is capable of.