The ReGen Center


The ReGen Center is a fictional medical facility of the future enabled by advances in gene therapy and synthetic biology.


The interior of the ReGen Center featuring a modest reception desk and a waiting area that can be repurposed to host workshops and lectures.


Computers and DNA synthesizers will power medicine of the future. In the back left corner of the office space is a server to carry out the computational workload of sequencing and editing human genomes as well as storing patients' genomic information as well as established gene therapies and vectors. To the right is a workstation containing a DNA printer along side a computer and a refrigerator for storing lab preparations. 


The floor plan reveals a small facility to serve a community -- perhaps a few city blocks worth of potential patients. Since gene therapy is already proving to be - when successfully executed - effective and permanent, doctors will spend less time on each patient overall, making better use of smaller facilities.


There is nothing revolutionary about this examination room. In fact, much of what is generally necessary for traditional medicine is stripped out. Serious inflictions and injuries will still require hospital visits -- the ReGen Center is more to do with treatments where the patient is not in immediate danger and can be treated on the genetic level.


Here is another view of the DNA synthesis workstation. Not only can gene therapies be synthesized here, but the vectors to deliver them as well. There would most likely be therapies and vectors on record in the ReGen Center, but there will also be open databases with many more, developed by other centers and institutions.


To make the ReGen Center a reality, continued progress must be made in synthetic biology -- making the tools easier and cheaper to use, as well as building up a wider base of users and experts in this new and exciting emerging field.

The model was made in SketchUp, rendered in Vray, and edited in GIMP. A lot of the furniture was drawn from SketchUp's 3D Warehouse.