Day Care Centre, Singapore

Reception Area

Built in a subterranean bomb shelter (common in Singapore), this day care centre proposal was fairly complex. Drawing from a multitude of concepts, there was a constant need to convince people using the space that they weren't in a basement.

Two views of the main corridor. First from reception, the other looking back from the opposite end of the corridor.

The giant ventilation pipe running through the main corridor presented a great challenge - covering it wasn't an option as it would make the already confined space unmanageable. Instead, it was "converted" into a rocket. The space theme also takes the form of a sky to space mural on the wall which climbs onto the ceiling and runs the length of the corridor.

Space and its traversing, in my opinion, is a great concept for children. After all, what better way to inspire and encourage children to reach up than the pinnacle of human achievement through ingenuity amongst the stars?

Shoe area at main entrance.

Designed by Brendon Koo of Brenko Design.