Research & Design Lab Concept

Modeled in SU7, using Vray, and edited in GIMP.
Herman Miller chair models courtesy of

A conceptual private, micro-R&D lab featuring modular, mobile computer towers with 2 CPU's a piece, hooked into a 24 9" LCD monitor array and a 4 projector overhead hub, turning the entire room into a virtual 'desktop.' Each LCD monitor features touch sensitive interfaces, and can be reconfigured to work with a single or multiple CPU's.

Table surface configuration, single user.

Console configuration 2-3 users.

Each monitor also features mechanical arms to reconfigure them from a single table surface to more traditional vertical configurations as needed. Servos automatically configure the monitors into different arrangements via a micro-control built-in to the table assembly.

Projector in use, extending the desktop onto the wall.

Channels in the floor covered in removable access panels conceal power and data lines. Whiteboards doubling as projector backgrounds cover the room's 4 walls. Ample floor room is made available for the addition and rearrangement of temporary experimental workstations along the walls.