3D Tutorial Graphic

3d graphic created in SU7 and GIMP. 5 images were grabbed
using SU7's 2D export feature and then sent to GIMP where
text and a blueprint background were added in.

This graphic illustrates one way of creating a lap joint on a piece of wood using a jigsaw.

Typically a router or a table saw using a dado blade would make easy work of a lap joint, but considering jigsaws are more common and sometimes all that's on hand, it is useful to know it can be done.

Step #4 requires that you meet the bottom of the cut soon enough to leave enough room horizontally to place the blade at 90 degrees for step #5. The rough cut should be done inside your required dimensions and finished with a file or sandpaper.

Safety: Care must be taken while using a jigsaw in this manner. Secure the work piece with clamps and keep your hands behind the blade, esp. in step #5 which requires cutting into an angled surface.