Station Alpha (under construction)

Structural details visible in a semi-constructed module inside the
newly modeled aerospace workshop.

250 ft (76 m) diameter station with center docking port,
truss supports, and solar panels.

Close up exterior view of the truss system including the access walkway.

Lower deck, with ladder well, and modular
computer console installed.
Looking a bit empty.

Looking toward the upper deck.

Upper deck, and view portal.
Another exterior view, with a SU 3D warehouse astronaut
(thanks to
MAX GRÜTER) added for scale.

Based on Werner Von Braun's space station, it is 250ft/76m in diameter and provides 1/3 the gravity on earth by rotating at around 3 rounds per minute. It features two decks, a truss system, solar arrays, and a forward, center docking port. There will be more to come.

Spacesuits, an orbital tug and an in-orbit aerospace fabrication shop need to be either integrated into this design or featured in another station modeled based on what I learned doing this one. An old Lockheed design featured here, expanded and enlarged, seems like a good logical next step.

The entire model was made and rendered in SU7 using Vray and post production done in GIMP.