Type-1 LAV Vray Rebuild + Video Game Corridor

T-1 LAV's assembled in courtyard.

Print layout for the new LAV configuration.

First rough rendering.

Final courtyard rendering, the type-1 LAV
stands guard in a dusty S.E. Asian border town.

The LAV I made previously, from ground up in SketchUp and rendered in 3ds Max/Mental Ray, got an overhaul. Added was a turret assembly, new textures, color scheme, and placed in an overall new setting. Finally it was rendered in SU7's Vray engine.

This particular rendering features a Thai serial number and digital camouflage scheme for the vehicle in what could be a dusty tropical border town.

I also redid the prints for the LAV going to the SU7 "camera" menu and turning off "perspective." This makes producing quick and accurate orthographic views much easier.

Sci-fi corridor with removed wall panels warning lights, and consoles.

The second scene, a video game-like corridor, was made using an assortment of materials I recently acquired and wanted to test.