Custom Gen-5 Fighter

Front view revealing rectangular air intakes.

Lofting with the Curviloft plug-in helped model the engine
assembly, merging the rectangular shape of the intake into
the round shape of the engine nozzle.

Orthographic views.

Delta-wing, twin engine 5th generation fighter concept.

Two Gen-5's in formation.

Based on several existing 5th generation fighters, this design features twin engines and a delta wing configuration. The engine layout is roughly based on the Russian Sukhoi PAK-FA, while the delta wings are based on Boeing's X-32. The body was influenced by the F-35's fuselage. Canted stabilizers were used as they are indicative of most 5th generation fighter designs.

The actual model was made possible by using the Soap Skin & Bubble plug-in to fashion the fuselage while lofting operations for the intake and engine assembly were done using the Fredosix Curviloft plug-in.