Custom Furniture Concept

The back-end of the business, a computer controlled gantry
wood router, stock material against the wall, and an assembly
table to the left-hand side. Gantry model is from the SU 3D
warehouse, thanks to user "seaside."

The front-end of the business can fully concentrate on presentation,
using the entirety of the shop's space as a showroom rather than for
holding stock that risks being damaged, stolen, or never sold.

This 3D scene was produced in SU7 + Vray for the new Fab Lab Thailand blog. The idea was to portray an example business model focusing on customization and producer-entrepreneurs. The CNC ShopBot was taken from the SU 3D Warehouse, the rest of the model was built from the ground up. The wallpaper may look familiar, it was custom-made for the Salt Leatherware project in Singapore.