FabLab Layout

A potential layout, measuring 10x15m including 1. a meeting room/
classroom/design studio, and 2. a workshop area. Click image to enlarge.

1. a potential meeting room/classroom/design studio featuring
large tables to encourage collaboration and a "wrap-around" white
board to facilitate a large number of creative and educational activities.

2. a potential layout for the workshop area including a laser cutter,
CNC gantry router, an assembly table, a RepRap unit, table-top lathe,
CNC micro-mill, storage, and more traditional fabrication tools.

These images were done  to give readers an idea of what a Fab Lab looks like and what sort of equipment can be found in one. The model was made in SU7, rendered in GIMP, while the floor plan was labeled and arranged in SketchUp Layout.

Most of the models are taken from SketchUp's 3D Warehouse - which incidentally gives us a glimpse into the future of "personal fabrication" where one might browse a similar "warehouse" of designs and instead of including them in a 3D model, could instead "print" them out in a Fab Lab.