Shop-House Mini Fab Lab

Front orthographic view of the shop-house complex.

Street-view of the mini-Fab Lab layout.

Entrance view of the shop-house classroom/
mini-fabrication center.

Some of the equipment that could be found in a mini-Fab Lab.
A RepRap 3D printer, a mini-CNC mill, and a traditional printer.

This is a layout for a shop-house sized mini-Fab Lab was required. The idea is for students to learn the basic concepts of design, designing software, and basic fabrication skills with small scale CNC machines in a multitude of versatile locations. After these basic skills are mastered, larger projects can be developed and time can be scheduled at a full-scale Fab Lab for manufacturing them.

This 3D model was made in SU7, rendered in Vray, and edited in GIMP. The RepRap, CNC mill, laptop, blue work station, and printer were all downloaded from the SketchUp 3D warehouse.