Quick Renders: DC-8



Quick Renders is something where a model is taken out of the 3D SketchUp Warehouse, materials added and then rendered using Vray. The purpose of this is to get practice rendering different scenes and types of models without having to spend a lot of time making the model. Today's Quick Render comes from SketchUp Warehouse contributor "707" who has an impressive collection of passenger liners in different liveries. The particular model chosen was 707's Trans-Canada DC-8-43. User 707 doesn't just provide excellent models, he also gives a very informative description under his models indicating the history and specs of the aircraft in his model collection.

The quality of the render is owed entirely to the skills of the model maker who ensured a smooth fuselage and engine nacelles as well as some geometric detailing where the doors are instead of just graphics.

GIMP was used to do post production on the renderings.