Cafe Design IV: Thanya Shopping Park, Bangkok Thailand

Interior image showing the front counter.

Exterior image showing windows, doors, and outdoor seating area.

Another interior image, showing the front counter and a bit of the kitchen area.

Page 2 of the design manual, which will be provided to the contractor for construction.

This project, still in progress as of September, 2012, will be located in Bangkok Thailand's new Thanya Shopping Park. The cafe features an indoor and outdoor seating area, a small kitchen and bakery display case. There will be some changes to the design before construction begins, and as always, changes generally come up during construction itself, either for improvements or to meet time, budget or material constraints.

The 3D model was made in SketchUp 8, rendered in Vray, and finished in GIMP. Layout was used to set up the design manual, of which page 2 is displayed above.