Completed: Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza - Singapore

Opening week for Capricciosa's new Singapore location, situated in the newly completed J-Cube shopping center in Jurong East. While the design changed many times throughout development, the basic design elements remained and can be seen in final product.

Here is one of the last 3D renders done for the Capricciosa restaurant. The front facade had changed many times as did the floor-plan which can be seen throughout the included presentation boards.



Capricciosa is a pizza and pasta restaurant originally from Japan but has locations in Malaysia and now Singapore. The design challenges presented with this project included accommodating Capricciosa's signature design elements to the strict requirements of Singapore's new J-Cube shopping center.

If you look closely at the presentation boards and the 3D you will notice that not only had the design changed throughout the development process, but the entire floor-plan was "mirrored" multiple times. Despite this, most of the basic design elements were preserved throughout and can be seen in the final photographs.

Finally, in April 2012, the restaurant opened its doors to business.

The modeling was done in SketchUp7, rendered with Vray, and laid out in SketchUp's Layout program. Post-production work was done using the open-source GIMP program.