Small Cafe Design

On the left, this is how the cafe looked originally. On the right, this is the final 3D proposal, along with the font and background design at the bottom and a proposal for a metal frame to hold a preexisting cafe logo sign on the bottom right.


The 3D proposal is on the left, with the finished facade design on the right. The 3D model was built in SketchUp, rendered in Kerkythea and combined with a photograph taken as a reference at the beginning of the project. The sticker was designed in Illustrator with a part of the coffee bean pattern exceeding the margins of the canvas. When it was printed, it turned out to be larger than expected. Since this project was done "pro-bono" no harm was done.

All totaled, the project took less than a day to design, 3 rounds of working with the cafe owner to pick the design they wanted, and less than a day to install - installed by friends of the cafe owner.