LED Light Bulb Packaging & Display

Photographs of a test print of packaging graphics used by an LED manufacturer. The through-hole in the plastic packaging can be seen, as can the proposed hole on the graphic design. This will be fixed in the finalized version by a graphic designer as will some other small details.


A 3D conceptualization of an LED light bulb display. The display was simply created to give an idea of how the bulb packaging would look "on the shelf" as opposed to the image below where the bulbs are "floating" in mid-air.


3D image of an LED light bulb package featuring newly designed graphics created by a third party.

The graphics for these packages were created by a third-party graphic designer, and simply visualized in 3D to give the LED manufacturer an idea of how the final product would look in real life. A display was even created to give an idea of how the packages would look in a store, as opposed to just floating in mid-air, or sitting individually.

SketchUp 7 was used to create the packaging, bulbs, and displays, while the graphics used were supplied as .jpg files from a third party. The scene was rendered with Vray and edited with GIMP.